Peter Dutton and Josh Frydenberg retain seats despite tough fights

Despite tough contests, Liberal frontbenchers Peter Dutton and Josh Frydenberg are set to return to federal parliament, retaining their Queensland and Victorian seats.

Both senior Liberal figures have retained their seats.

Both senior Liberal figures have retained their seats. Source: AAP

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has retained his Queensland seat of Dickson, beating Labor’s Ali France for the marginal electorate. 

Mr Dutton gained a slight swing in his favour of 0.24 per cent.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has also retained the Victorian seat of Kooyong despite challenges from the Greens’ Julian Burnside and independent Oliver Yates.

Mr Frydenberg suffered a nine per cent swing against him but managed to keep his seat, with the main challenge coming from Labor’s Jana Stewart.

Dutton’s tough fight

The conservative Mr Dutton has held the seat since 2001 but the margin was reduced at the 2016 election due to redistributions.

"There has been amazing support of the prime minister across the country, I want to pay tribute to Scott Morrison," he said as part of his victory speech on election night.

"I think he has provided amazing leadership. He has distilled our message down to one that the Australian people understand. He has been able to campaign in marginal seats and put pressure on Bill Shorten, which is what Bill Shorten deserved."

Mr Dutton's campaign launched to a rocky start after he accused Ms France of using her disability as an excuse not to live in the area.

Federal Member for Dickson Peter Dutton on election day.
Federal Member for Dickson Peter Dutton on election day. Source: AAP

The Labor candidate, who lost her leg after being hit by a car trying to push her son out of the way, has been campaigning for more than a year.

Frydenberg’s multiple challengers

Mr Frydenberg faced off against a number of different candidates in his usually safe seat, which he had held on a margin of 12.8 per cent.

Josh Frydenberg has retained his seat.
Josh Frydenberg has retained his seat. Source: AAP

The Liberal party reportedly threw many resources in the seat in order to keep the senior Liberal in the electorate.

His campaign was marred by racist attacks after several of his posters were defaced with Nazi symbolism.

On election night, he joined Mr Dutton in paying tribute to his leader.

"When we were elected by the party room last year, we went back to his old office - which is now my office - and he said to me "we can win this"," he said.

"Every day since that day he has been tireless, criss crossing the country and selling our message to the Australian people."

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Published 18 May 2019 at 8:35pm
By Rashida Yosufzai