Police to probe Facebook comments to Leong

NSW police have launched an investigation into offensive comments allegedly posted to NSW Greens MPs Jenny Leong's Facebook page.

Greens MP Jenny Leong

Greens MP Jenny Leong. Source: AAP

NSW police are investigating racist and sexist comments on NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong's Facebook page, allegedly posted by high-ranking police officers.

The Newtown MP has referred the "disgusting and disturbing" remarks, which were allegedly posted and "liked" by officers, to the Police Integrity Commission.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Geoffrey McKechnie said the comments were disappointing and in breach of the police's code of conduct and ethics.

"To be placing disparaging remarks on social media is certainly not something we condone. It's against our policies," Mr McKechnie told reporters in Sydney on Sunday.

"It's a matter for the investigation to determine who posted those (and) whether or not they're in fact serving members of the police force."

Mr McKechnie said it was disappointing people felt they needed to turn to social media to "vent their frustrations", labelling it inappropriate and intolerable.

He refused to say whether the comments were a sackable offence.

A message to all NSW police officers reinforcing the organisation's social media policy has been sent out.

The alleged spate of cyber-bullying comes after Ms Leong's recent push in the NSW Parliament to end the use of drug detection dogs in public places without a warrant.

Earlier, she called for any police shown to have posted the offensive material to face "serious repercussions".

"Racism and sexism in our society is never acceptable," Ms Leong said in a statement.

"The role of the police is to protect the community from harmful and aggressive behaviour.

"Given this, it is completely unacceptable that police would be actively contributing to sexist and racist attacks."

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Published 10 April 2016 at 3:20pm
Source: AAP