Senate to get 'fair dinkum' power inquiry

A Senate select committee into "fair dinkum" power will be established to look into how consumers can play a bigger role in the energy market.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's promise to deliver "fair dinkum power" has inspired the Greens to establish a parliamentary committee named after the phrase.

On Wednesday, the upper house voted to create the Select Committee into Fair Dinkum Power which will look at the potential to give customers a more important role in Australia's electricity market.

That includes energy generation, efficiency, grid stability and reliability services and peer-to-peer trading between households and businesses.

Due to report by June next year, the committee will examine how those services and renewable energy can deliver lower energy costs and increased reliability.

Privatisation's impact will also be in the spotlight, along with reforms to help households, farmers, small businesses and major energy uses.

The likely long-term impacts including to emissions, reliability and stability of energy consumers playing a larger role are also included in the terms.

While the government didn't vote against establishing the committee, Centre Alliance's Rex Patrick said it was pointless after a long line of inquiries into energy.

"We just cant see the value for money in the conduct of another inquiry," Senator Patrick told parliament.

The prime minister first used the phrase "fair dinkum power", which has since been adopted by Energy Minister Angus Taylor, in response to a grilling from Sydney shock jock Alan Jones.

That fired up tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes, who registered Fair Dinkum Power for a new campaign for renewables.

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Published 14 November 2018 at 4:44pm
Source: AAP