Students protest uni cuts over breakfast

University students are planning a rowdy "ambush" of Treasurer Scott Morrison to protest the federal government's higher education cuts.

University students don't want the federal treasurer to breakfast in peace when he's planning to hike their fees and cut higher education funding.

Sydney students are planning a rowdy "ambush" of Scott Morrison at his post-budget address to peak welfare group Australian Council of Social Services on Monday morning - although they telegraphed their plans 18 hours in advance.

"This government has just announced savage attacks on young people in the form of welfare cuts, higher student fees and a failure to take on tax breaks that keep house prices though the roof," University of Sydney student representative council officer April Holcombe said.

"There's no way the face of that budget can stroll in for breakfast without a fuss."

University students around the country are planning a day of rallies on Wednesday to protest the government's intention to cut $2.8 billion from higher education through a two-year efficiency dividend on teaching funding and increases to student fees.

Students stormed the stage during Education Minister Simon Birmingham's recent speech to the National Press Club when he mentioned the plans.

He said protesting against the government seemed to be part of the rite of passage for university students these days.

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Published 15 May 2017 at 3:34am
Source: AAP