The changing face of Australian politics

While one in four Australians is born overseas, only 12 per cent of politicians are. Critics say the lack of diversity in politics causes skewed policies. But that's slowly changing, as a new crop of politicians bring their unique culture and background.


Liberal MP Ian Goodenough delivers his maiden speech at Parliament House in Canberra (AAP).

Western Australian MP Ian Goodenough was nine years old when he migrated to Australia, his family settling in the inner city Perth suburb of Leederville.

Of mixed English, Portuguese and Malaysian-Chinese heritage, Mr Goodenough is just one of a handful of overseas-born federal politicians.

The first-time MP and long-serving Liberal Party member suffered racism when he first arrived, but is confident that as more migrants enter Australian parliament, circumstances will change for future generations.

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Published 5 April 2014 at 5:46pm
Source: SBS