The Feed: Interview with a vampire

“I enjoy a good rare steak, I enjoy seafood, there is a few vegetables I can’t eat,” says Raziel who has had fangs surgically inserted.
“With the blood thing, if I do indeed have a need for blood, having a rare steak fulfils that,” he says.
Raziel is a vampire and says he always identified with being one and remembers wanting to dress up like Count Dracula when he was a child.
But it wasn’t until his mid-teens that Raziel started to openly live as a vampire.
“I was really hiding behind this mask of something else which I should’ve been coming out of the coffin and saying directly what I was,” he says.
These days Raziel can be found wandering through his local cemeteries and other favourite historical sites - in broad daylight.
“When I get too much day exposure I can stutter from my skin," he says. "I won’t burst into flames or anything like that but my skin will itch and burn a little bit.”
He also enjoys garlic, isn’t repelled by a cross or holy water, and he bleeds.
“Everyone’s soul is immortal. Your physical body is not, sure as hell.”
He says many of the myths surrounding vampires are untrue and that real vamps are more human than we may think.
“A living vampire is a person who was born into a human family they utilise human body functions, otherwise look completely normal, but their thought processes and their ancestral energy is completely different to that of a normal person.”
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Published 25 September 2013 at 9:23pm