The most typical person in the world...

SBS meets a man who is one in 9 million - the most 'typical' person in the world; a 28-year old, Han Chinese male.

According to statistics released by National Geographic, the world's most typical person is male, Han Chinese, speaks Mandarin, is right handed and is 28 years old.

Many people may think they're 'Mr Average' but SBS has met a man who really is, based on those statistics.

Restaurant owner, Kobe Du is one of roughly 9 million people who fit National Geographic's description.

National Geographic even created a composite image of the median man - for the March issue of its magazine.

The figures showed that the 'typical' person earned less than US$12,000 per year, and owned a mobile phone but had no bank account

According to the same research, by 2030 the most 'typical' person will be a 26-year-old male from India.

PJ Madam met Kobe Du in western Sydney to find out what it's like to have so much in common with so many other people.

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Published 24 October 2011 at 4:42pm
Source: SBS