TPP dead in the water: Shorten

Labor has called on Malcolm Turnbull to focus on Australian jobs rather than the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

TPP protesters in the US

TPP protesters in the US (Getty) Source: Getty Images

Bill Shorten has returned from holidays and accused the Turnbull Government of having the wrong priorities for 2017.

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead in the water," Mr Shorten told reporters at a factory in Dandenong, Victoria.

"Why on earth Mr Turnbull wants to tee off his year on a trade or treaty with Donald Trump who said he won't sign it is beyond me. It is a waste of time."

The Labor Party is signalling its focus for the year will be on domestic policies.

"I am here today because Labor intends to make, as its number one issue for 2017, the fight for Australian jobs," Mr Shorten said.

"We will be talking about building Australian first, making Australian first and employing Australians first."

Reforming parliamentarians' expenses, pushing for a federal anti-corruption body, and taking action on climate change will also be priorities for the year, Mr Shorten said.

Labor has a solid lead over the Turnbull Government as the Prime Minister seeks to move beyond the political dramas of the Christmas-New Year break.

Malcolm Turnbull is starting a two-day visit to Queensland with an inspection of a major road project in Toowoomba and recently hosted the Japanese Prime Minister in Sydney.

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Published 16 January 2017 at 12:00pm
By Myles Morgan
Source: SBS News