Two thirds of airline cabin crew report experiencing sexual harassment

The survey revealed almost 70 per cent of airline cabin crew who have experienced sexual harassment don't report the incident.

A survey on airline cabin crew revealed up to 65 per cent of respondents have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, according to The Transport Workers Union (TWU).

The survey also revealed one in five of the respondents who revealed they had been sexually harassed had experienced it more than 10 times.


Respondents revealed reports of serious sexual assault, workers being pinned down and assaulted, passengers exposing themselves to the crew and workers being touched in the groin or buttocks.

“These results are sad and shocking. They show that airlines are not taking the problem seriously and are not supporting workers when they are faced with what are daily assaults on them," TWU National Secretary Michael Kaine said.

"Today we are lifting the lid on this widespread problem and demanding a change to the way sexual harassment of cabin crew is dealt with."

More than 78 per cent of the respondents didn't think their company was doing enough to combat sexual harassment while at work.

The 400 crew respondents revealed the harassment was coming from both co-workers and passengers.

Four out of five had experienced harassment from co-workers, while three out of five had experienced it from passengers.

Following the report, the TWU contacted the survey respondents and is setting up an emergency working group for this who wish to help prevent the problem in the industry.

“We have had a lot of positive feedback from those we have contacted who took part in the survey. Many people want to see this issue exposed and dealt with," Mr Kaine added.

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Published 8 October 2018 at 7:55am
By Riley Morgan
Source: SBS