US pick-up artist Julien Blanc leaves Australia after visa revoked

Pick-up artist Julien Blanc has left Australia, his visa also cancelled, after a protest against his controversial wooing techniques.

The UK has banned pick up artist Julien Blanc before he could hold any "dating" seminars in London.

Controversial US pick-up artist Julien Blanc has left the country amid a storm of protest and is unlikely to return.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says Mr Blanc's visa has been revoked in the wake of his departure.

Mr Blanc, from US group Real Social Dynamics, gave a seminar in Melbourne on Thursday night which attracted criticism on social media and sparked a protest outside the venue.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay described his seduction tactics, which reportedly include choking women, as "deeply disturbing and offensive".

"Labelling women as objects and actively promoting the abuse of women degrades the dignity of our whole community," Mr Lay said on Friday.

"We want to assure everyone we have been paying close attention to this issue and appreciate that so many community members have expressed concern."

Mr Lay said he was proud many Melbourne venues had rejected hosting Blanc's seminars.

"I'm proud Victoria has taken this stance against violence," he said.

"It gives me confidence we are moving in the right direction."

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Published 7 November 2014 at 2:49pm