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Artificial intelligence will never replace humans, experts say

(File Image) A tech expert says AI will never replace humans. Source: KEEP LEFT PR

The development of artificial intelligence will never replace humans, according to an AI expert.

The development of artificial intelligence will never replace humans but rather mankind will become the directors of knowledge generated by machines, an AI expert says.

Carlos Rivera, founder of the SYNX company focused on data science, told EFE that machines and technological innovations "are still not able" to perform all human processes.

"Humans are here to stay, and no, it's not possible for a machine to generalise and do everything alone. It might be more precise and correct than a human without ever understanding the context of what it's doing," he said at the Epicentre Innovation Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Rivera, a specialist in compiling data for the AI process, says AI technologies can analyse huge volumes of information in very little time, prioritise data by value and weigh their importance without any human help.

However, machines "are incapable of reasoning" like people do from the time they are children, he said.

Rivera says fearing the power of future technologies is "understandable" because science fiction movies give a preconceived idea but for now it's impossible for AI to reach that level.

"Today, though we're at a stage where the basis of everything is that machines learn by themselves, they don't have the ability to reason like a human," he said.

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