Australia's recent croc attacks

A breakdown of Australia's recent crocodile attacks after a spearfisherman died over the weekend in north Queensland and a teenager survived a mauling.


* March 20, 2017

The body of 35-year-old Warren Hughes found two days after the spearfisherman's dinghy and speargun were discovered off Palmer Point, north of Innisfail. Investigations point to him being taken by a four metre crocodile.

* March 19, 2017

Lee de Paauw, 18, injured after he was dared to jump into an Innisfail river in the middle of the night. Locals say a 3.5 to 4m crocodile had been spotted in the area recently.

*January 20, 2017

47-year-old man killed by a crocodile after wading into a river crossing near Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory.

* May 29, 2016

NSW woman Cindy Waldron, 46, dragged underwater during a late-night swim with a friend, who tried in vain to save her, at Thornton Beach in the Daintree National Park.

* May 17, 2016

Noel Ramage, 75, drowned when a croc capsized his tinny at Leaders Creek, NT. His mate was trapped for three hours and was rescued after throwing spanners and spark plugs at the croc.

* April 25, 2016

A crocodile reportedly tries to drag Peter Rowsell, 19, from a tent by his foot at Palm Creek in the Northern Territory.

* January 13, 2016

Woman, 68, found walking along a road north of Wyndham in the Kimberley missing half an arm after a croc attack at Three Mile Creek.

* May 2015

Darwin kitesurfer Chris Keeping escapes with just scratches after he pokes a saltie in the eye 100 metres offshore at Casuarina Coastal Reserve.

* August 18, 2014

Albino-headed crocodile kills Vietnamese fisherman, 57, in croc-infested Adelaide River.

* June 7, 2014

Fisherman Bill Scott, 62, killed in front of his family by a 4.7 metre crocodile while on his boat in the Kakadu National Park.

* January 26, 2014

12-year-old boy killed while swimming at Jabiru in Kakadu National Park. Another boy, 15, was bitten but released. Three crocodiles were shot in the search for the boy.

* August 24, 2013

Sean Cole, 26, killed while racing a mate across the croc-infested Mary River. A 4.7 metre croc was later shot by rangers.

* April 21, 2013

Frenchman Yoann Galeran, 29, survives an attack at Nhulunbuy in Arnhem Land despite having his head in the croc's mouth.

Source AAP

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