Australian nun stands up to Philippines' Duterte over arrest


An Australian nun wants to stay in the Philippines to continue her human rights work despite making a powerful enemy in Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte.

An Australian nun facing potential deportation in the Philippines is laughing off accusations of "disorderly conduct" from the Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte.

The firebrand president personally ordered an investigation into the 71-year-old Australian nun, justifying it as a legal move against "undesirable" foreigners.

Sister Patricia Fox, a co-ordinator of a Philippine congregation of Catholic nuns called Notre Dame de Sion, was taken from her house last week and detained at the immigration bureau in Manila for almost 24 hours.

"They ordered an investigation for disorderly conduct. I was laughing saying I have a disorderly room, but I don't know about disorderly conduct," she told ABC TV.

"For me, it is part of my mission as a Catholic sister to stand beside those whose human rights have been violated, who are asking for help."

She had taken part in rallies seeking the release of political prisoners and urging Philippine authorities to respect human rights.

Despite the prospect of deportation, Sr Fox said she is taking her case to the Commission of Human Rights.

Sr Fox has lived in the Philippines for close to 30 years and hopes to be able to stay and continue her work.

Sister Patricia Fox was detained in the Philippines.
Sister Patricia Fox was detained in the Philippines.
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Source AAP

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