Australian victims of the 2004 tsunami

People read the memorial tiles with the names of tsunami victims as they walk through the wave shaped tunnel that forms the Tsunami Memorial Park at Baan Nam Khem, Thailand. (AAP)

Here is a list of the 26 Australian victims of the 2004 tsunami.



1. Melina Heppell, six months old, swept from her dad Peter's arms on Patong Beach, Thailand

2. Queensland man Philip Neame, 54, died at Patong Beach

3. Paul Giardina, 16, became separated from his Melbourne parents Joe and Ivana at the Seaview Hotel, Patong Beach

4. Three year old girl from NSW, Sascha Srikaow

5. Barry Anstee, 52, of Brisbane, who was only hours into a holiday with his wife Susan, who survived

6. Permanent resident of WA, Catherina van Duren, 81, on her annual holiday to Phuket

7. Brian Clayton, 58 from Brisbane. The construction industry worker was holidaying in Phuket with wife Patsy, who was able to scamble to safety

8. Craig Baxter, 37, a New Zealand-born Queensland resident, died while saving his Thai wife, Maliwan, 28, knowing she couldn't swim

9. Jim Sparrow, 68, of Perth. Patong

10. Melbourne AFL player Troy Broadbridge, 24, was swept away from his new wife Trisha while honeymooning on Phi Phi island

11. Dinah Fryer, 50, of Adelaide. Was on her first overseas trip in Phuket with her husband of 18 years, Chris, and their teenage daughters Louise and Michelle

12. Yumi Kloot, 32, Japanese national of the Gold Coast, was holidaying with her Australian husband Damien on Phi Phi Island

13. Moi Vogel, 32, was on her honeymoon and had called home on Christmas Day to tell family she was pregnant

14. Her husband Christian Nott, 34, a freelance photographer of Sydney. Both died in Khao Lok

15. South African born Nikola Liebowitz, 30, was holidaying in Phi Phi island and then planned to settle in Sydney

16. Her boyfriend, South African born Avadya Berman, 31

17. Queenslander John Dimmock, 49, who operated a business called Aussie Bungalows north of Khao Lak

18. Mr Dimmock's Thai born wife Pranom Dimmock

19. Susan Oliver, 30, from regional NSW, who had just finished a stint as a young ambassador in Vietnam and was holidaying on Phi Phi Island on her way home to Australia

20. North Queensland school teacher Kym Walsh, 39, separated from her husband Ian, who survived, at a resort near Phuket

21. Sydney woman Katherine Glinsky, 35, the aunt of three-year-old Sascha Srikaow, both were walking on the beach at Phi Phi

22. Caroline Rosso, 25, of Brisbane, an adviser to former Queensland minister Tony McGrady, was killed within 30 minutes of her arrival at the popular Thai resort of Khao Lak

23. The last Australian victim was officially identified in Phuket on Friday 19 August, 2005. The man was a 50-year-old Australian citizen living in Phuket


24. Adelaide man Sujeewa Kamalasuriya, 39, a dual citizen of Sri Lanka was snorkelling with friend and business partner Sarah Roberts, 31, when disaster struck.

25. NSW woman Barathy Balasingham, a 30-year-old female permanent resident

26. Magdalene Balachandra, 61, of Canberra, in a mini-van that was struck by a wave. She was in Sri Lanka with her husband Bernard and daughter Asha for a family reunion.

Source: AAP archives, takes into account the DFAT tally as well as confirmations by relatives.

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