Australians reportedly serving in specialist IS brigade

File: Islamic State militants. Source: militant website

Around 10 Australians are reportedly serving in a specialist Islamic State group brigade in Syria aimed at conducting terror attacks against the West.

Australian fighters in Syria are reportedly being trained to conduct terror attacks in the West and are serving in an English-speaking unit aimed at taking the Islamic State's jihad abroad.

Intelligence agencies have identified about 10 Australians in the Anwar al-Awlaki Brigade, a specialist IS unit comprised of English-speaking jihadists, The Australian newspaper reported on Friday.

The brigade is made up of hundreds of foreigners considered to be poor fighters and used instead as cannon fodder or for planning or personally conducting attacks outside Syria.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed the development and says she is deeply concerned that Australians are being trained to conduct attacks against the West or to encourage people to engage in terrorist activity.

Among Australians serving with the brigade is Neil Prakash who has become the No 1 target of Australian intelligence officials because of his active role in organising attacks in Australia, The Australian reported.

Source AAP

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