Baden-Clay guilty verdict: We finally have justice for Allison, family says


The family of Allison Baden-Clay have welcomed the life sentence handed to her husband, Gerard, after a court found him guilty of her murder in 2012.


The jury in Gerard Baden-Clay's murder trial has found him guilty of the murder of his wife Allison in April 2012. 

A Brisbane Supreme Court jury delivered the unanimous verdict just before noon after deliberating for about 21 hours.

Baden-Clay clenched his jaw and closed his eyes as he learned his fate. 

He is preparing to face his first night in jail as a convicted murderer after being sentenced to a minimum 15 years for the killing of his wife Allison.

"You are sentenced to imprisonment for life," Justice Byrne said in his sentencing remarks.

"Youh have no criminal history, but you are definitely not a good character.

"This court denounces your lethal violence."

Asked by the judge if he had anything to say, Gerard Baden-Clay replied no.

A cheer from Allison's family erupted in the court as the verdict was delivered.

Allison's sister Vanessa Fowler wept and clasped her hands, and whispered "thank you" to the jury.

Reading the victim impact statement from the witness box; Allison's mother, Priscilla Dickie said Gerard broke his promise to take care of Allison and showed no remorse.

"My daughter was a wonderful mother, a devoted wife, a caring daughter and loving aunt."

"I'm grieving over the late Allison June Baden-Clay," she said in a shaking voice.

"The pain does not go away."

"One of the last things Allison did was to leave her marks on her husband," Mrs Dickie said, referring to scratches her daughter left on Baden-Clay's face on the night she died.

Baden-Clay weeps over children's pain

The 43-year-old showed little emotion in the Brisbane Supreme Court as he was convicted of murdering his wife in April 2012.

But his composure crumbled when Allison's mother seized her moment to tell him just what he'd taken from his own children.

Allison's father Geoff Dickie also stared down his daughter's killer when it was his turn to speak, saying how he felt like he'd failed Allison because he hadn't been able to protect her from Baden-Clay.

She said Allison had so much to offer her family and her three young daughters, but all that had been taken away.

She said her family had been sentenced to a lifetime of grief.

"It devastated me to know Allison was living in a troubled relationship," Mrs Dickie said.

She paid tribute to the courage shown by Allison's surviving three daughters, describing it as remarkable.
"Their resilience to this tragedy is a result of her guidance and love," Mrs Dickie said.

"The girls will never see their mother again. They've been condemned to a life sentence without the love and companionship only a mother can give."

Allison's father, Geoff Dickie said he still remembers the feeling when he heard the news that Allison's body had been discovered.

He said he is still haunted by what his daughter must have felt when she was attacked.

"I know she would have found the strength to fight hard.

"Our lives will never be the same until the day I die."

He said he gave Baden-Clay permission to marry his daughter but never gave him permission to betray.

"We accepted you into our family and you abused our trust with your lies and deceits," he said.

Allison's sister Vanessa Fowler directed her victim impact statement to Gerard Baden-Clay sitting in the dock, telling him: "today for the first time in your marriage, she has come out on top".

"It is because of you I have no sister...It's because of you that three young girls are without a mother."
Allison Baden-Clay's body was found on a creek bank at Anstead in Brisbane's west on April 30, 2012.

The discovery came ten days after her husband reported her missing from their home in nearby Brookfield.

We finally have justice for Allison, family says

Outside the court, Allison's close friend Kerry Anne Walker delivered a statement on behalf of the Dickie family outside the court.
"Today, we, Allison's family and friends, are relieved that we finally have justice for Allison," she said.

"The evidence presented at this trial has proven that Gerard Baden-Clay is responsible for the murder of his wife Allison."

She said the wait for justice had been long, but the verdict marked the beginning of a long journey towards healing.

"We have lost Allison and nothing that has happened here will bring her back. We as a family will grieve her tragic death forever, the memories tarnished by the fact that she was takenfrom us in such horrific circumstances," she said.
She said her friend was taken in horrific circumstances, but the response to an unthinkable crime, including the incredible work of police and the support of the Brookfield community where the Baden-Clay family lived, had been extraordinary.
Ms Walker also thanked the SES volunteers who searched day and night, in all kinds of weather, for Allison after she vanished in April 2012.

She said the priority now, as it had been over the last two years, was Allison's three daughters.

"We have a long way to go to ensure that they will cope with a future without their mother," she said.
"Allison was a kind-hearted, generous woman, a loving wife and devoted mother whose legacywill continue if we all remember that life is precious, and to take the time to be kind,smile at those who pass you by and live for today.

"We, her family and friends, didn't get a chance to say goodbye but Allison will always remain forever in our hearts."

-with AAP

Source World News Australia

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