'Beyond alarming': Video emerges of toddler climbing pool fence in seconds

A toddler mounts a pool fence. Source: Facebook

It was only a matter of seconds before Wendy Atkinson's two-year-old son had climbed a pool fence, unfastened its latch and swung it open.

Wendy Atkinson recently posted a Facebook video of her toddler scaling a pool fence unassisted in her backyard.

She said she posted it to show how vigilant families must be about ensuring the safety of children who live in homes with pools.

"After much deliberation I am reposting this because I refuse to have another child drown before every parent has had a chance for my beautiful 2 year old son to educate them," she said in the post.

"I understand people are going to be passionate about this as it is terribly confronting but I feel it has to be shown.

The fact it only took her son 21 seconds to open the gate, she added, was "beyond alarming".

Ms Atkinson explained in the post that her family had not yet put in a pool, but had installed a fence in the mean time.

When she saw her son scaling the fence on his own, she said, she "figured if he did it again" she would film it in the hope it generated awareness about how easy it is for children to open pool gates.

While she said the gate was not as optimal as others, "I thought about how quick he was, and couldn't stop thinking about those gorgeous little lives taken".

During the Christmas holiday period, at least four children under the age of five had drowned in backyard pools in NSW alone, Royal Life Saving told Fairfax Media.

A total 280 people drowned in Australian waterways between July 2015 and June 2016.

"As vigilant as we like to think we all are and would love to be when you add extra risks like unpredictable siblings,friends,environment it gets beyond your control accidents will happen," she said.

"After [realising our son could scale this fence], we have decided it is best not to put a pool in until he is swimming confidently." 

Source SBS News

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