Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten takes on Nova's Fitzy in rap battle


Fitzy from Nova 96.9's Sydney morning show learnt not to mix words with Opposition leader Bill Shorten after the pair squared off in a rap battle.

Shorten was invited to take part in Fitzy and Wippa's weekly rap battle on Friday and the Labor leader took the opportunity to have a fun dig at his opposition.

While Shorten struggled to stay with 50 Cents' In Da Club background beat, he was not short of material having a light-hearted swipe at several people including Defence Minister Christopher Pyne and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Shorten was even able to throw in a mention to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

Labor leader Bill Shorten 'dabbing' after the rap battle.
Labor leader Bill Shorten 'dabbing' after the rap battle.
NOVA 96.9

"I’m Bill Shorten, I’m head of my pack, the Sydney Swans gave Fitzy the sack," Shorten began as he set the tone for the rap.

"Wippa’s not bad, but just a waste of my time, you boys will be crying by the end of my rhyme.

"Each day I listen to you fellas whinge and whine, I’d rather go to Question Time with Christopher Pyne.

"Our economy’s in debt, but Malcolm’s just chillin’, hey Macolm can you lend us a couple of million?

"Will I rap again, it’s anyone’s guess, but there’s more chance of Tony Abbott voting Yes.

"I’ve nailed the rap, I’m the cat, you’re the mouse, the tables have Turn-bulled, now it’s Shorten’s house."

Before the battle was over, Fitzy was able to throw in a few lines of his own and introduced a surprise guest.

Fitzy invited 2GB morning show radio host Ray Hadley into the battle, and after claiming he had been warming up for hours. 

Hadley was eventually named the winner.

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