Burston, Ashby in scuffle as tensions rise over sexual harassment claims against Hanson


United Australia Party Senator Brian Burston and One Nation adviser James Ashby have clashed at Parliament House in a dispute that was caught on camera.

United Australia Party Senator Brian Burston has accused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson of sexual harassment.

"Right back when we had our first One Nation AGM at the Rooty Hill RSL (in 1998), that was the first time she hit on me," he told News Corp, of the unwanted attention.

His allegation follows Senator Hanson accusing an unnamed senator of sexually harassing at least six staff, and using taxpayer funds for payouts to keep some of the women silent.

Senator Burston said on Wednesday he was the man referred to, telling News Corp Australia it was "bull***" and one of the reasons he left One Nation was because of sexual harassment from Senator Hanson over two decades.

He claimed Senator Hanson "rubbed her fingers up my spine" while listening to the national anthem and she'd propositioned him after he was elected in 2016 at her home in Queensland and Canberra.

But Senator Hanson denied all claims.

"I wouldn't go near him with a barge pole," she said.

Parliament scuffle

The tensions erupted in Parliament House on Wednesday evening when Senator Burston got involved in a scuffle with One Nation advisor James Ashby. 

The Australian newspaper published images showing the pair in a physical clash on Wednesday night, after Senator Burston had earlier accused One Nation leader Pauline Hanson of sexually harassing him.

Senator Burston told News Corp Australia Mr Ashby ran up to him as he and his wife were leaving a dinner function and Mr Ashby put a phone close to his face.

An image supplied by Senator Burston appeared to show his hand with blood on it from cuts the senator said happened when he tried to grab Mr Ashby's phone.

""I told him to f*** off," Senator Burston told News Corp, adding that he tried unsuccessfully to grab the phone.

Senator Burston said Mr Ashby pursued him and his wife.

"I lost it," the senator said.

"I grabbed him and I pushed him up against the wall."

Senator Burston said he had reported the incident to Australian Federal Police.

Former One Nation Senator Brian Burston in the Senate chamber at Parliament House in Canberra.
Former One Nation Senator Brian Burston in the Senate chamber at Parliament House in Canberra.

He denied involvement with bloody marks that were found on Ms Hanson's office door.

Mr Ashby said the senator's claims were false and he had been trying to take images of Senator Hanson leaving the same function when Senator Burston attacked him.

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