Celebrities launch 'NOW Australia' campaign against workplace harassment


A group of 30 Australian celebrities have launched a crowd-funding campaign for an Australian version of the #TimesUP initiative to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace.

Led by journalist Tracey Spicer, the NOW Australia campaign aims to raise $250,000 to help victims of sexual harassment speak up and access counselling and legal services. 

"NOW is a non-partisan coalition comitted to ending industrial and systemic sexual harassment for all people in Australia," Ms Spicer said in a Twitter post.  

Celebrities involved in the campaign include Tina Arena, Deborah Mailman and Missy Higgins.

Prominent businesswoman Carnival CEO Ann Sherry has been named patron of the organisation. 

In October last year, Ms Spicer put the call out for stories of sexual harassment in the Australian media. 

She received more than 1500 responses from a wide range of industries, so the NOW Fund won't be limited to the media. 

Ms Spicer connected some of the victims to media organisations, leading to accusations of sexual harassment against TV gardening guru Don Burke and actor Craig McLachlan, who have denied the allegations.

In an opinion piece published in News Corp newspapers on the weekend, singer Tina Arena said that she had been subjected to inappropriate behaviour during her career. 

"I am not interested in going into details but on more than one occasion, there has been a wake-up call where I have had to say ‘Whoa, back up here; this is not what you think it is."

About $20,000 has been raised so far.

Source SBS News


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