China's 'eyerolling' journalist sets off social media storm


A reporter rolling her eyes at another journalist's questions at China's annual 'Two Sessions' political meeting has caused a social media storm, with China keen to bury the evidence.

China's "Two Sessions" political meeting is often highly staged and this was no different. 

The annual meetings of the national legislature and the top political advisory body are significant markers on the country's carefully choreographed political stage. 

The daily "delegate corridor" events are supposed to give reporters the chance to freely question people who attend the meeting.

A "foreign media" reporter working for American Multimedia Television, Zhang Huijun, was picked by the moderator to ask a question of the head of China's State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. 

She asked a question about President Xi Jinping's signature initiative, the Belt and Road infrastructure plan, and about supervising investment in it.

It could be considered a softball question and the journalist next to her was not able to hide how she felt. 

Liang Xiangyi, from Chinese finance outlet Yicai, could not contain her eye-rolling disbelief - a reaction that has set social media alight. 

Within seconds, imitations had popped up on Twitter.

It was a frenzy. 

Chinese social media platform WeChat was full of screenshots of private chats supposedly showing Liang's disdain for Zhang. 

An unsubstantiated report claims Liang had been reprimanded by her employer and stripped of her press pass. 

Details also emerged of Zhang's American Multimedia Television.

Eye-roll imitators poke fun on social media.
Eye-roll imitators poke fun on social media.

It claims to be the first local American television station on the US West Coast to have signed a co-operation deal with China's state broadcaster CCTV.

It did not take long for China's omnipresent censors to take over though. 

Searching for the women's names on Weibo now brings up the message "according to relevant laws and policies, results for this search can't be shown".

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