Christensen slams own government's family planning and abortion funding

Nationals MP George Christensen Source: AAP

Queensland MP George Christensen will write to Treasurer Scott Morrison this week to urge him to stop funding an international planned parenting agency.

Outspoken Nationals MP George Christensen has hit out at his own government for its funding of family planning services that include abortion in Australia and around the world.

The Queensland politician was joined by incoming senator Amanda Stoker and hundreds of pro-life activists at a rally through the streets of Brisbane on Sunday.

Mr Christensen said he was filled with shame when he learned the federal coalition gave $9.5 million to an international planned parenthood agency.

"I've got to say that was a disgraceful act. It was a very low point I think for our nation," he said.

In 2017, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the government would continue their partnership with the International Planned Parenthood Federation, spending $9.5m to deliver a program called the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program in Crisis and Post Crisis Settings (SPRINT), targeted at the Indo-Pacific region.

"Sexual and reproductive health challenges are leading causes of death and disability among women and girls in the world today," Ms Bishop said in a statement at the time.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
Julie Bishop announced the additional sexual health and family planning funding in 2017.

"SPRINT provides safer birthing environments, family planning services, HIV prevention and treatment, protection against sexual violence and assistance to survivors of rape and violence in crisis-affected places."

"SPRINT is a key part of the Government's support to sexual and reproductive health and rights, which are critical to empowering women, improving gender equality, and reducing maternal and child mortality."

Mr Christensen said he would write to his colleague, Treasurer Scott Morrison, in the next week to urge him to divert those funds into pregnancy, crisis and counselling services.

The rogue MP also mobilised the crowd to take action against the state Labor government, which will re-introduce legislation to decriminalise abortion once it receives recommendations from the Law Reform Commission.

"I think we're about to get a tsunami of bad laws here," he said.

"We might even be seeing something that makes Victoria and the draconian regime they've got there look like a walk in the park."

Ms Stoker, who is due to be sworn in as former Attorney-General George Brandis' replacement in the senate next week, told the crowd the true measure of a society was how it treated people who couldn't speak for themselves.

"Children and babies may not be able to vote but we must ensure that they are heard and protected by all those who govern," she said.

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