Christians march to Bishop's WA office

Eight Christian protesters have pleaded guilty to trespassing at Julie Bishop's Perth office. (AAP)

Christian leaders who protested inside Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's Perth office have stripped outside court and marched to her premises.

Eight Christian leaders have stripped to their underwear and marched to Julie Bishop's Perth office after being given spent convictions for staging a sit-in there last year.

The group held a prayer vigil at the foreign minister's electorate office in Subiaco on December 10, calling for the release of 135 children locked up on Nauru and for an end to offshore detention.

It was one of several sit-ins as part of a national day of action by the Love Makes A Way Christian movement, which seeks to end Australia's current asylum seeker policies.

Ms Bishop was not in the office at the time.

Jarrod McKenna, Teresa Lee, Alexandra McKellar, Alan McGrechan, Lorna Green, Richard Telfer, Sarah Mills Menogue and Beverley Fabb all pleaded guilty to trespass in Perth Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said the group claimed to have an appointment, before spending the day chanting and praying while staff worked around them.

The defence lawyer said they came with flowers and cookies, only to be later strip-searched by police.

All eight were granted spent convictions, given three-month conditional release orders with a $500 undertaking and ordered to pay court costs of $79.

That was despite McKenna and McGrechan having previously committed similar offences.

Outside court, Pastor McKenna quoted scripture to reporters as he and his co-offenders began stripping to their underwear.

"If someone wants to sue you and take your outer garment, give them your undergarment as well," he said.

The group then put placards on and walked to Ms Bishop's office, followed by a string of supporters.

"Those who thought that strip-searches would be enough to stop us, well we serve Jesus who was strip-searched before he went to the cross," Pastor McKenna said.

A Love Makes A Way spokeswoman said they requested an interview with Ms Bishop, but left when they were denied a meeting, leaving behind flowers and soft toys to represent the children in detention.

They plan legal action over the strip-searches.

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