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Church places cage around baby Jesus statue in US immigration protest

The Episcopalian Christ Church Cathedral campaign. Source: Twitter: CCCathedrallndy

A US church protesting the Trump administration's widely-condemned immigration policy has made a bold statement.

The Episcopalian Christ Church Cathedral in the US has placed a cage around the statues of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph in a protest against the Trump administration's policy of separating families at the US-Mexico border.

The church, based in Indiana, said the scene was in response to the "humanitarian atrocities from our nation's 'zero-tolerance' immigration policies" adopted at the US border.

Rev Stephen Carlsen said the campaign was using Jesus, Mary and Joseph - who were homeless and fled danger to seek asylum, according to religious texts - as a way to raise awareness against the policies.

"Last evening we revealed our #EveryFamilyIsHoly campaign, designed to bring awareness to the humanitarian atrocities from our nation’s 'zero tolerance' immigration policies on the border and here in Indianapolis," he wrote in a statement.

"The campaign’s icon of The Holy Family, held in detention, is now on the Cathedral’s lawn facing Monument Circle."

"We must not be divided by race, language or culture, but reach out to care for our neighbours — because every family is sacred," he added.

US President Donald Trump announced he would be ending his administration's policy of separating families at the US-Mexico border amid widespread protests.

There are still thousands of children who have been separated from their families.

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