'Clive Palmer volunteer' fined after allegedly exposing himself at polling place


A man in United Australia Party clothing has allegedly exposed himself at a Sydney polling place.

A man - believed to be a United Australia Party volunteer - has been fined for allegedly exposing himself at a polling booth in Sydney's southwest.

Police were called to Restwell Street in Bankstown about 10am on Saturday after being told a 62-year-old man had been involved in a dispute with several people.

The man was wearing a United Australia Party shirt and hat. 

In a statement, police said he committed an "offensive act in front of at least 3 women and one man." He was issued an infringement notice for offensive conduct as well as a move-on direction.

The man talks with police.
The man talks with police.
SBS News

Labor volunteer Marian Mourad witnessed the incident and told SBS News she was "horrified".

Ms Mourad said the man was "aggressive and problematic" and started "abusing me, calling me moron, calling me names".

The man leaves the polling place.
The man leaves the polling place.

She removed herself from the situation but the man went on to "undo his zip". 

"I was a bit horrified ... We're in a public space."

Across the country, the election had has been marked by several incidents and allegations of "dirty tricks".

In the seat of Chisolm, Labor accused the Liberal Party of making a "fake" Australian Electoral Commission poster which encouraged Chinese-speaking voters to preference the Liberals.

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