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Conservative hero Captain GetUp rubs up against Zali Steggall poster

Captain GetUp posted a video of himself rubbing up against a Zali Steggall poster. Source: Supplied

A video showing a mock superhero gyrating against a poster of Tony Abbott rival Zali Steggall was posted on Sunday.

Conservative lobby group Advance Australia has removed a video showing its "satirical superhero" gyrating and rubbing against independent candidate's Zali Steggal's billboard after a social media backlash. 

In the video, the so-called "truth crusader" Captain GetUp dances for 15 seconds in front of a billboard of Ms Steggal, who is challenging former prime minister Tony Abbott in Warringah on Sydney's northern beaches. 

A photo of Labor Leader Bill Shorten has also been added to appear as though he is standing next to the independent candidate. 

Captain GetUp made his first public appearance in Manly.
Captain GetUp made his first public appearance in Manly.

Advance Australia created the caped figure to call out the work of his namesake, progressive lobby group GetUp, which is targeting conservative Liberal MPs in the lead up to the 18 May election.  

Ms Steggall questioned whether Tony Abbott and the prime minister shared the same values as Captain GetUp. 

The video was posted to the official Captain GetUp Twitter account on Sunday but has since been removed after a backlash with several people labelling the character's behaviour as "gross". 

Advance Australia said its national director Gerard Benedet was unavailable for an interview but issued a statement saying the video was posted "in error". 

"Captain GetUp made a mistake and the video has been taken down," Mr Benedect said in a statement.

“Captain GetUp’s role is to give people the facts about the left-wing activists who support fake independents.” 

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