Malcolm Turnbull

'Continuity and Change': Malcolm Turnbull rips off US show ‘Veep’ with new slogan

Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears in a scene from HBO show 'VEEP'. Source: AAP

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been caught out repeating a three-word soundbite throughout the week that is not his own.

“Continuity and Change” – a slogan Mr Turnbull first used on Monday’s edition of ABC’s 7.30 Report – is in fact eerily similar to a recurring slogan run in HBO’s political satire series ‘Veep’, starring ex-Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as fictional US vice-President Selina Meyer.

In the show’s fourth season, 'Continuity with Change' is the campaign slogan for Meyer’s presidential campaign, and is a go-to catch-cry for the bumbling politician during interviews.

After having their attention drawn to Mr Turnbull’s “steal” on Twitter, some of the stars of ‘Veep’ weighed in with just the right mix of wit and ridicule.

“I am dumbstruck,” tweeted Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

“In S4 of Veep we came up with the most meaningless election slogan we could think of. Now adopted by Australian PM,” tweeted writer/producer Simon Blackwell in a brutal – albeit hilarious - shutdown.

It is the second time this week Malcolm Turnbull has been sent up on social media by a US television show.

After Mr Turnbull took to twitter to announce Parliament has been recalled, the wildly popular series ‘House of Cards’ tweeted “I admire your methodology, Prime Minister. If you don’t like how the table is set, turn over the table” – a famous quote from the show.

US television has clearly proven itself a fan, for better or worse, of our Prime Minister.

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