Cyclist breaks collarbone in 'disgraceful' hosepipe prank

A police photograph showing the hosepipe tied to a tree in Mooloolaba. Source: Twitter/@QLDPolice

A cyclist has broken his collarbone and ribs after being knocked off his bike by a garden hose strung across a Sunshine Coast road.

A cyclist has suffered serious injuries after riding into a garden hose strung across a Sunshine Coast road.

The 56-year-old was riding on a suburban Mooloolaba street in low light about 5.40am on Sunday when he was knocked off his bike by the hose, which was tied at chest height between two trees.

Queensland Police said he was "unable to see the hazard due to low light and fell from his bike".

He was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital with a broken collarbone and several fractured ribs.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey spoke out against the act.

"Deliberate sabotage acts to cause road injuries are vicious & disgraceful," he tweeted.

"Shame on those responsible for cyclist clotheslined by hose strung up across street breaking collarbone, fracturing ribs. It could have been a fatality. Let’s hope we catch them."

Source AAP - SBS

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