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Death sentence for terrorists: Nats MP

Federal backbencher George Christensen wants the death penalty reinstated for terrorists. (AAP)

Federal Nationals MP George Christensen wants to bring back the death sentence for those who commit acts of terror.

Outspoken government backbencher George Christensen wants the death penalty reinstated for terrorists.

The Nationals MP was speaking on legislation stripping citizenship from dual national terrorism suspects, which he said was just the start of measures needed in the "war against radical Islam".

Capital punishment seriously needed to be considered for those who committed attacks which resulted in the death of Australian citizens, he told parliament on Tuesday.

But Mr Christensen also wants citizenship revoked for those who advocated Shariah law in Australia.

"There is wisdom in that," he said, adding that Shariah law was the antithesis of Australian society and values.

"Perhaps when you're advocating for such an approach you're writing your ticket out of this country yourself," he said.

The backbencher also wants to revoke passports for those with just sole citizenship.

While he admitted that would be contrary to international law, he suggested they could have their rights downgraded.

Mr Christensen's comments came shortly after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull delivered his first national security address to parliament in which he said a terrorist attack on Australian soil was likely while calling for national unity.

The backbencher also hit out at fellow parliamentarians who did not believe Australia was at war with radical Islamists and Islamic State.

"It's a bit like saying you're not in a fight when you're getting punched in the face," Mr Christensen said.

Only tough measures would "strike at the heart of the enemy" to win the war.

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