Deportation order reconsidered at eleventh hour for Bangladeshi teen

Dr Nasrin Haque with Sumaya. Source:

A teenage girl who was facing deportation over her disability has now been granted permanent residency after the Assistant Immigration Minister reconsidered the decision.

Sixteen-year-old Sumaya Bhuitan, who has autism spectrum disorder, had been ordered to book a plane ticket to leave the country on Friday because she failed a mandatory health check tied to her visa application.

But on Friday afternoon her mother, Dr Nasrin Haque, was told by the Immigration Department the Assistant Minister Alex Hawke had intervened in their matter after considering the contribution of the family to society in Australia.

Dr Nasrin Haque told SBS she broke down in tears after being told the good news.

“It’s such a big relief. I can’t believe it,” she said.

Sumaya is a Hungarian national, but has lived in Australia with her mother and brother Sakir for eight years.

The trio applied for permanent residency in 2010, but because Sumaya's application was rejected, the rest of the family were also unsuccessful.

Sumaya’s condition, which is described as a “moderate developmental delay”, was deemed a burden on Australian taxpayers.

Dr Haque, who works as a general practitioner in western Sydney, said her daughter would not be a financial burden on the state.

“My full-time position as a GP allows me to financially support my family without assistance from the Australian state. I have extensive family support here in Australia,” she told SBS previously.

An Immigration Minister spokesperson told SBS in a statement, the Assistant Minister "has called Dr Haque this afternoon to personally discuss Sumaya’s case and advise of his final decision to intervene".

"The Minister has decided to grant Sumaya a permanent resident visa and has begun consideration of permanent resident visas for Dr Haqur and her son, subject to the usual health and character checks."

Sumaya's father, Dr Shafiqul Bhuyian, who is currently based in Hungary, was also emotional.

The decision means he is now able to pack up his life and move to Australia with his family now the deportation order for his daughter has been reconsidered.

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