Domino's to automate pizza quality checks

Domino's plans to roll out new technology to ensure the quality of its pizzas. (AAP)

Domino's is set to automate quality control of its pizzas in a move designed to reduce the number of pizzas rejected by customers.

Domino's will roll out technology that uses a camera and artificial intelligence to assess whether its pizzas are picture perfect.

As pizzas emerge from the oven, a camera sitting above the cutting board takes a photo and assesses whether they have the correct toppings, an even spread of ingredients, are the right temperature and match what they are supposed to look like.

The results of the assessment are then sent to the store manager, and a photo of a pizza can be sent to the customer, along with a notification if their pizza has failed the quality test and needs to be remade.

Dubbed Domino's Pizza Checker, the system is currently being trialled at one store as the first step in a project to automate quality control.

Domino's plans to start rolling out the system across Australia in 2018, and has struck a 12-month global exclusivity agreement with the developer of the technology, Dragontail Systems, so it can roll it out at stores overseas.

Domino's chief executive Don Meij said Pizza Checker is a virtual trainer which will lift standards and likely lead to a reduction in customers rejecting their pizza, or being disappointed with their purchase.

"It will dramatically improve the quality and consistency of handmade pizzas - cooked and cut to perfection," he said.

ASX-listed Dragontail Systems will also use Google AI software to enhance the machine's capability.

"Dragontail is the pioneer but it has been a joint collaboration," Mr Meij said.

"The other partner in this is Google AI software which allows companies like Dragontail and Domino's to develop products more cost effectively rather than having a machine learning from scratch."

Domino's is Dragontail's first large scale customer, having tested its technology with one stand-alone pizza business in 2016.

The Israeli based technology group wants to automate quality control at restaurants, starting with pizza chains.

Dragontail shares were placed in a trading halt ahead of the Domino's announcement, and will resume trading on Thursday.

Source AAP

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