Ex-Turnbull staffer to run in Tony Abbott's seat as independent

Alice Thompson is a former advisor to Malcolm Turnbull. Source: KPMG

A former staffer to Malcolm Turnbull plans to run as an independent against Liberal Tony Abbott in his Sydney seat in this year's federal election.

A former adviser to former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull plans to run against his Liberal nemesis Tony Abbott in the upcoming federal election.

Alice Thompson is expected to announce her candidacy as an independent for the Sydney seat of Warringah later this week, The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Tuesday.

Mr Abbott holds the seat, which has voted conservative since 1922, with a margin of about 15 per cent.

Indigenous broadcaster and mental health educator Susan Moylan-Coombs has already put her hand up for Warringah, after being inspired by the success of Independent Kerryn Phelps who won Mr Turnbull's old seat of Wentworth from the Liberals.

A former Malcolm Turnbull staffer is planning to run against former prime minister Tony Abbott.
A former Malcolm Turnbull staffer is planning to run against former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Ms Moylan-Coombs, who is a member of the Stolen Generation, said she would put the environment and Indigenous affairs at the centre of her campaign.

The granddaughter of high profile public servant and prime ministerial advisor H.C. Coombs, and the daughter of former NSW Bar Association president John Coombs, Ms Moylan-Coombs said she was no stranger to public service.

On Monday, Mr Abbott cautioned voters against casting their ballots for independent or Greens candidates, saying this could potentially undermine "serious government".

"If you want a credible parliament, if you want serious government, don't vote independent," Mr Abbott told Sydney radio 2GB.

"It is better to vote for the Labor party than to vote for an independent."

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