Far-right German party’s advent calendar celebrating 'white men' mocked online

Former US president Ronald Reagan was used in the AfD calendar. Source: AfD

Germany's right-wing party AfD has sparked fierce backlash online after celebrating famous "white men" in a calendar.

A new Christmas campaign from a far-right German political party has seen the organistion face strong social media backlash.

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) is drawing heavy criticism for its calendar, celebrating the contributions of famous white men, which has been promoted with the hashtag JaZuWeißenMännern, which means "yes to white men".

"At the most beautiful time of the year, every day we introduce you to a person who has significantly influenced our Western civilization. 'White men' have become an insult to some in recent years. Not to us," a tweet from AfD read.

The calendar includes German-French inventor Rudolf Diesel, Apple founder Steve Jobs, physicist Albert Einstein and former US President Ronald Reagan.

The advent calendar has been met with criticism online with many social media users mocking the campaign.

Images of notorious white men and groups - such as the KKK - have been used to mock the AfD campaign.

Some anti-hate organisations also mocked the campaign promoting Harry Potter villain Voldemort and various types of snowmen as "white men" of the day.

Others mocked AfD's inclusion of Steve Jobs, whose biological father was a Syrian immigrant to the US, in the calendar.

The AfD emerged in 2013, originally as an anti-Euro party, but it gathered national attention for its anti-Islam and anti-migration campaign and strongly criticising German Chancellor Angela Merkel's controversial decision to admit more than a million refugees in 2015.

It entered the Bundestag coming third in last year's federal election, winning 12.6 per cent of the vote.

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