The secret group of ex-Muslims
and those who want them dead

Before we shine a spotlight on those who have left their faith – apostates – let’s start by looking at what’s driving them underground.

In Saudi Arabia it is a terrorist act to say that you're an apostate.

In Pakistan there have been 68 recorded killings related to apostasy in the last two decades.

In Australia, the vast majority of Muslims practice their faith peacefully. But a small, extreme Islamist group – Hizb ut-Tahrir – has openly declared that their interpretation of Islam calls for apostates to be killed.

For a few years now, I've been hearing whispers of a secret network of ex-Muslims living in Australia.

I did everything I could to reach anyone who knew anything. I wanted to understand why it was so difficult for young Australians to to turn away from Islam.

After months without a word, I got an email address from a young woman who told me to wait for instructions. A few weeks later I received a string of emails, texts and calls from people all over the country...

“I couldn't understand how Islam was teaching me to hate myself for being who I am [...] Finding this secret group of ex-Muslims saved my life, literally.”

- Ahmad
“My family would force me into practicing the religion. [...] I attempted suicide four times.”

- Rashti
"Domestic violence, honour killings, sexual assault. I've been physically abused by my parents."

- Rashti
“I live a 100% double life [...] The idea of someone finding out that I'm an ex-Muslim is my greatest fear.”

- Urwa

Ex-Muslims know the danger of speaking out.

These are just some of the threats they receive on social media...

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