Federal minister eyes workplace law reform

The federal government is planning a review of the nation's workplace relations laws. (AAP)

The Morrison government will conduct a review of the nation's workplace relations laws, and casual employees and unfair dismissals are in its sights.

Casual employment could soon be redefined and unfair dismissal laws changed under an upcoming review of the nation's workplace relations laws.

Industrial Relations Minister Christian Porter is keen to iron out "confusion and frustration" around the definition of casual work and believes unfair dismissal laws are "ripe for improvement".

The six to nine month review will also look at enterprise agreement approvals, long-term workplace deals on major projects and a new federal building code, Mr Porter told The Australian on Thursday.

His most pressing priority is making it easier to deregister unions and ban officials, with proposed laws to be reintroduced to federal parliament within weeks.

The Morrison government also wants to impose tighter controls on worker entitlement funds, which could cost unions tens of millions of dollars a year.

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