Gender bending form for marriages

New Intended Marriage form includes section for Party 1 and Party 2 rather than Bridegroom and Bride (AAP)

The attorney-general's department has released a revised form in the wake of same-sex marriage laws being enacted.

Party 1 and Party 2 have replaced Bridegroom and Bride on the new marriage forms to be used by all Australians from Saturday as the country prepares for the first same-sex weddings next month.

The forms which give the government a month's notice of a couple's intended marriage also provide tick boxes for male, female and "x" gender - which is described as "indeterminate, intersex or unspecified".

The attorney-general's department form, which went online on Friday, replaces the Bridegroom and Bride category with Party 1 and Party 2.

Under that, boxes must then be ticked in a "Description of party" section, giving the options "groom", "bride" or "partner".

It's anticipated same-sex couples will submit the forms in droves as soon as they become valid on Saturday, with the first weddings expected one month later on January 9.

Source AAP

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