'Gobsmacked' Pauline Hanson slams welcome to country ceremonies on flights


Pauline Hanson wasn't impressed after hearing a welcome to country acknowledgement on a regional plane trip.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has slammed welcome to country ceremonies on aeroplanes, saying she was “gobsmacked” to hear an acknowledgement of traditional owners on a recent trip.

“I was not impressed,” Senator Hanson told 2GB radio.

The often controversial politician said she was flying from Rockhampton when she heard the acknowledgement.


“I actually flew into Rockhampton today and into Townsville and prior to my landing on the plane they actually put across on the plane that we must acknowledge the Aboriginals as the traditional land owners of this land and for their future generations," she said.

“So it is basically Welcome to Country that they now do upon landing into a destination.

“I was gobsmacked, absolutely gobsmacked.”

Support for Pauline Hanson said she was "gobsmacked".
Support for Pauline Hanson said she was "gobsmacked".

Senator Hanson’s comments come days after she repeated earlier remarks claiming she was “Indigenous” because she was born in Australia.

She also “warned” Australians about Indigenous constitutional recognition, adding she was “sick and tired” of divisions happening in the country.

“I have been warning people since then (1999) do not fall for it and I have grave concerns about it,” she said.

She said people could be dispossessed of their land if there was a vote for Indigenous Australians to be acknowledged as the traditional owners, likening it to the Mabo decision.

“We’ve acknowledged them as the traditional owners of this land, that can then be challenged in the high court of do they own our free hold titles.

“Think twice about this - we actually have to know where this takes us.

“Mabo… has had so much impact on us with native title. A lot of people have been dispossessed of their land in Australia because of it.”

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