Health Australia Party is dangerous: Greens

Australian Greens leader Senator Richard Di Natale (centre) speaks to the media while campaigning in the federal seat of Batman Source: AAP

The Australia Greens leader and GP Richard Di Natale has grave concerns about the Health Australia Party.

The Health Australia Party should be renamed the quack party because of its misleading medical claims, the Australian Greens say.

The party has nabbed the coveted first spot on the NSW Senate ballot paper and there are concerns voters could be misled by some of its claims.

Doctors believe it is anti-vaccination and are worried about its pro-natural medicine policies.

The group wants alternative therapies to be placed on an equal footing with pharmaceutical medicine.

It also wants to expose "deliberate corruption in medical research" arguing such studies are manipulated to produce results for vested interests.

Greens leader and GP Richard Di Natale says people will be deceived by the party's name.

"They should be called the anti-health party - the quack party," he told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday.

"Their view is inconsistent with medicine-based evidence and I think it's dangerous."

Senator Di Natale says "the donkey vote" could help boost the party simply because it's first on the ballot paper.

"I have grave concerns."

The party has been contacted for comment.

Source AAP

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