I'm not leaving: Labor MP Emma Husar

Emma Husar will consider running as an independent in her Labor seat if she's not preselected. (AAP)

Labor MP Emma Husar, who said in August she wouldn't recontest her western Sydney seat amid bullying allegations, now says she's changed her mind.

Western Sydney Labor MP Emma Husar wants to recontest her federal seat, despite announcing she wouldn't after being accused of bullying staff.

Ms Husar says she will seek Labor nomination for the seat of Lindsay and may run as an independent if she's knocked back by the party.

"I love my job, so I would consider doing whatever I need to do to stay there," she told Sky News on Tuesday.

Ms Husar, a first-term MP, announced in August she wouldn't contest the next election after a series of allegations were levelled against her.

Labor released the results of an internal investigation two days later, clearing her of allegations of lewd conduct and sexual harassment of employees, finding there was no need for her to resign.

But the report did find she behaved unreasonably towards staff and there were grounds for a further investigation into the alleged misuse of entitlements.

Ms Husar said she spoke with NSW Labor's general secretary Kaila Murnain and president Mark Lennon two weeks ago, saying she wanted to keep her job.

"These allegations against me were not career-ending. I have a huge amount of support within the community," she says she told them.

The party leaders told her nominations for the seat would be opening after the final parliamentary sitting weeks.

Her comments come after it was revealed on Tuesday that former NSW Labor minister Diane Beamer was expected to become the new candidate for Lindsay.

Labor has informally chosen Ms Beamer, a member of NSW parliament between 1995 and 2011, to run in the marginal seat, the ABC reported.

Ms Husar said she only learnt of the development on Tuesday but flagged her hand for the job is up, and that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has long supported her.

"Bill has always been a champion of mine," she said.

However she hasn't ruled out running as an independent if it's what is required to keep her job.

"There are people out there who rely on people like me, who just understand what it's like to live in the real world."

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