Kim Jong-un strips down to his undergarments during heatwave

Kim Jong-un strips down to an undershirt during a tour of a fish pickling factory. His wife Ri Sol-ju dutifully holds his jacket. Source: Rodong Sinmun

As North Korea swelters in a heatwave, its leader has debuted some cooler attire while officials remain in full uniform on a factory tour.

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un has debuted a new look while inspecting a fish pickling plant this week.

As the Korean Peninsula swelters in a heatwave, officials were dressed in full uniform while Kim flaunted more breezier attire - stripping down to his undershirt. 

Kim Jong-un
Uniformed officials erupt in laughter while the supreme leader flaunts more casual attire.
Rodong Sinmun

The photographs of a beaming Kim appeared in state newspaper Rodong Sinmun - a surprising change to the supreme leader's favoured, and more stern, Mao suits. 

Kim arrived to the plant wearing a short-sleeved tailored grey jacket but quickly stripped down to the cooler undershirt. 


Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un was in a grey tailored suit when he first arrived at the factory.
Rodong Sinmun

With temperatures this week climbing to 37.8 degrees, North Korea is experiencing detrimental drought conditions, challenging its food supply. 

The factory visit is believed to be the leader's second this week.

It's part of the government's mission to become more self-sufficient in food sourcing by promoting alternatives such as fish and mushrooms.

Kim Jong-un
The Korean Peninsula is experiencing unusual prolonged temperatures, and as a result is suffering drought conditions.
Rodong Sinmun

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