Labor candidate sacked over 'stupid' memes

Wayne Kurnoth has been dropped as a Labor candidate for the Northern Territory over a series of questionable social media posts.

Labor has dumped one of its Northern Territory candidates over a series of questionable social media posts.

Wayne Kurnoth was already under pressure after being caught posting an image of Malcolm Turnbull beheading ABC journalist Emma Alberici, and making offensive remarks about former MP Natasha Griggs.

The final straw broke on Monday, after it emerged he had been peddling conspiracy theories about the Rothschild banking family controlling the world.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten confirmed Mr Kurnoth would be dropped, despite resisting pressure to disendorse him last week.

"I don't think he should be our candidate any more and I understand that it is in train for him to step down," Mr Shorten told reporters in Perth.

"I hope that (Clive) Palmer is willing to do something about the 20 candidates that he's got with constitutional eligibility clouds over their head, and I hope that (Scott) Morrison can show the same certainty of purpose that I've just displayed."

On Friday, Mr Shorten publicly slapped down his "stupid" candidate, but refused to cut him adrift.

Instead, he called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take action in relation to the Liberal candidate for McNamara, who was forced to apologise for posting an emoji referring to his wife Chloe Shorten as a pig.

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