Liberal senator Jim Molan tells voters to ignore party's voting instructions

Supporters of Liberal senator Jim Molan are telling voters to put him number one, instead of following the party's ticket.

Senator Jim Molan is encouraging voters to ignore the Liberal Party's voting instructions in a desperate bid to save his seat after being relegated to an unwinnable position on the Liberal Senate ticket.

The incumbent senator and retired army major-general was relegated to third position by the NSW Liberals branch in November. 

Disability worker and Liberal Party power broker Hollie Hughes took out the top spot. 

But the conservative Liberal isn't giving up.

His supporters have printed their own how-to-vote cards encouraging New South Wales residents to vote below the line, putting a number one next to Jim Molan's name. 

The blue and black pamphlet lauds Senator Molan as "the man who stopped the boats" and "the man who led Coalition forces to success in Iraq". 

A Liberal Party volunteer gives out pro-Jim Molan material in Queanbeyan.
A Liberal Party volunteer gives out pro-Jim Molan material in Queanbeyan.
SBS News

At a Queanbeyan early voting centre in NSW, a man handing out Liberal how-to-cards for the lower house also gave voters the pro-Jim Molan instructions instead of the party's authorised Senate material.

He declined to comment when approached by SBS News on Monday. 

There is no Liberal Party branding on the material, which says it is authorised by the "Re-Elect Jim Molan Campaign" based in North Manly. 

The Molan camp may have been inspired by Tasmanian Labor Senator Lisa Singh. 

In 2016, she managed to get re-elected by running a spirited individual campaign, encouraging Tasmanians to vote below the line to save her seat after her party's factions attempted to end her political career. 

Senator Singh is gearing up for another fight after again being pre-selected to an unwinnable position on the Labor ticket. 

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