Man charged after tub of yoghurt thrown at ABC's Leigh Sales during festival speech


The 7.30 host has been praised for her professionalism following the incident.

A man has been charged with common assault after a tub of yoghurt was thrown at 7.30 host Leigh Sales as she delivered a speech at Perth's Disrupted Festival of Ideas.

ABC journalist Sales was in the process describing the harrowing moment she almost lost her life while pregnant with her second child, which is detailed in her book 'Any Ordinary Day', when the incident occurred on Sunday.

The yoghurt - understood to be blueberry - splattered across the stage and on the curtain next to Sales but did not appear to hit her directly.

A Western Australia Police spokesperson said a 49-year-old man was apprehended by security guards at the scene and later arrested by police officers.

The man appeared to shout "that's what you get" as he was removed from the State Library of Western Australia.

Sales has been praised for her professionalism, insisting on continuing her talk despite being splashed with some of the yoghurt.

"I'm fine, I'm totally fine," she told the crowd.

"I'm quite happy to go on, if everyone else is alright I am quite happy to go on. That was a waste of some perfectly good yoghurt, I'm afraid."

In a tweet following the event, the ABC broadcaster tweeted that she was "relieved everyone at the festival was okay" and thanked security, police and the audience.

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