Marx manuscript page sells for $A691,367

A single page of a manuscript written by German philosopher Karl Marx has been sold for $A691,367 at an auction in China.

A page from a manuscript belonging to the German philosopher and founder of Communism, Karl Marx, has sold for 3.34 million yuan ($A691,367) at an auction in Beijing.

Provided by businessman Feng Lun, the page was sold at a price more than 10 times higher than the starting price.

The document is part of the more than 1250 pages of notes the philosopher wrote in London between September 1850 and August 1853 as a draft for Capital: Critique of Political Economy, the official news portal reported.

The page contains extracts from the book Practical Treatise on Banking by British banker James William Gilbart which he referenced while writing Capital.

At the same auction a manuscript belonging to Friedrich Engels, who co-wrote with Marx the Communist Manifesto, was sold for 1.67 million yuan.

The auctions come during the same month that China commemorated the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth.

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