Mint release Mr Squiggle $2 coin to celebrate Man From the Moon’s 60th anniversary


The Australian Mint announced the collection to celebrate the anniversary of the iconic Australian children's show.

The Royal Australian Mint has marked TV icon Mr Squiggle's 60th anniversary with a collection of $2 coins.

Mr Squiggle and Friends debuted on TV in 1959 and aired all the way through to 1999, delighting generations of children as he turned unrecognisable squiggles into drawings.

The collection will also feature fellow characters Blackboard, Gus the Snail and Bill Steamshovel.

The coins have been released via Woolworths registers on Wednesday.

"The coins perfectly represent Mr Squiggle's fun and imaginative view of the world, attributes he shared with my father," Rebecca Hetherington, daughter of Mr Squiggle creator Norman Hetherington, said.

"I'm excited to share this opportunity with Australians who have grown up with him and remember him fondly, and also to introduce Mr Squiggle to a new generation."

An additional limited edition coin album - featuring four $2 coins, two $1 coins and a special 1 cent coin - will also be available for purchase.

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