Nepal's ambassador to Australia resigns after 'human trafficking' allegations

Lucky Sherpa, Nepal's Ambassador to Australia, presenting her credential to the Australian governor general. Source: Lucky Sherpa

Nepal's Ambassador to Australia has resigned after allegations made against her relating to human trafficking - claims which she has denied.

Nepal's Ambassador to Australia, Lucky Sherpa, has handed her resignation to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs after allegations made by her former driver in Canberra of "human trafficking".

She said she rejects the allegations. 

''I resigned on moral grounds but I am not guilty of the charges labelled against me," she said.

"I was not put under pressure to resign by anyone."

In December 2018, Ms Sherpa was recalled to Kathmandu by the Nepali government to provide an explanation after her former driver Wongchhu Sherpa made the allegations in an interview with a TV program in Nepal.

Read more at SBS Nepali.

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