New Aust trial to detect ovarian cancer

A new trial designed in Melbourne to detect ovarian cancer will be able to help hundreds of Australian women, a report says.

Australian women at high risk of ovarian cancer will trial a new detection screening test designed by Melbourne scientists, a report says.

About 300 Victorian and South Australian women who carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes, making them at high risk of having ovarian cancer, will be recruited for the trial, News Corp Australia reports.

Hudson Institute of Medical Research's Andrew Stephens is optimistic his screening test, Active Ratio Test, will help detect the cancer.

"Ultimately we hope to detect precancerous lesions, in the same way Pap smears can detect early changes in cervical cancer," Dr Stephens told the Herald Sun.

"Initially we would like to establish if it could be used as a screening tool to monitor high risk women so they know if they need the prophylactic surgery.

"Ideally, we want the test to be part of a routine screening program for women."

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation will announce on Monday it will contribute nearly $900,000 to the trial.

Source AAP

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