New swine fever case confirmed in Japan

A hygiene officer cordons an area in Mizunami City, Japan in February. (AAP)

After the eleventh case of swine fever detected in Japan since September, authorities began slaughtering 1300 pigs at a farm in the country's Gifu prefecture.

Japanese authorities began slaughtering 1300 pigs after the nation's eleventh case of swine fever since September was confirmed.

Following the confirmation of the outbreak, local government officials in Gifu prefecture began to slaughter the pigs at a farm in the city of Yamagata, about 300 kilometres west of Tokyo, on Thursday.

Eight pigs from the farm tested positive after several were found sick on Wednesday, according to the Gifu prefectural government.

The local government has also suspended shipments of pigs and transportation of feed crop and droppings from other facilities located within 10 kilometres of the farm in question.

Japan's first swine fever epidemic in 26 years was detected at a local farm in Gifu prefecture in September and the second case was reported in November at a public livestock park, also in the prefecture.

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