NITV Top 40 Survival Day Playlist

Listen to the NITV Survival Day Top 40 Playlist.

The 26 January 2015 marks an important time for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and for non-Indigenous Australians alike.

For the first Australians the day marks the Survival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their cultures.

NITV Staff put together a list of top 40 songs they recommend listening to on Survival Day.

It is widely understood that song and dance is a part of the Indigenous identity in Australia and is apart of an amazing ecology, which has sustained this amazing and great country. The history of Indigenous arts and culture within Australia dates back to over 60,000 years and even through a violent colonial history in Australia Indigenous culture has survived and continues into the future.

Music has played a role in highlighting social and political issues in Australia and the world.

"Well I heard it on the radio / and I saw it on the television" sang Mandawuy Yunupingu in response to the 1988 Mabo ruling on Native Title in the hit song Treaty and Archie Roach summed up the experience of The Stolen Generation with his song "Took the Children Away" as children forcibly removed from their families in the 50s.

In 1982 the band Goanna lead by Shane Howard released a thumping Oz-rock beer song "Solid Rock". The song took Aboriginal dispossession and placed it centre stage of white Australia.


Although music has changed since the 1970's - 1980's the social and political messages are strong and continues to highlight social and political issues that are relevant in Australia today. In 2002 a hip-hop group called Local Knowledge was formed with the intention to empower their people.

We want to teach the youth that there are choices in life and they do have a voice.

- Local Knowledge Group

Just as films play a role changing the perceptions and stereotypes of Indigenous peoples in Australia so does music. This list of amazing musicians and songs are just a portion of Indigenous talent within Australia.

I'm honoured to be a part of this amazing list! Our music and musicians tell important stories that aren't found anywhere else in Australia, so listen up!

- Michael Charlton

This is just a small example of the continuation of Indigenous culture and identity in Australia through contemporary music and a snapshot of social and political movement through music. We hope the selection of songs provide a little context to what Survival Day is about.

This is a solid playlist that I will be listening to on Survival Day. 

-Brenda Gifford, Mixed Relations Saxophonist

NITV Top 40 Survival Day Playlist:

1. We Have Survived - No Fixed Address
2. Treaty - Yothu Yindi
3. Thou Shalt Not Steal - Kev Carmody 
4. Tiddas - Anthem
5. Genocide - Us Mob
6. The Dead Heart - Declan Kelly Ft. Emma Donovan Version
7. The Children Came Back - Briggs & Gurrumul Version
8. Simplified - Zennith
9. Freedom - Pat Mau Ft. Archie Roach
10. Aboriginal Land - Nadine Dixon 
11. Took The Children Away - Archie Roach
12. BlackFella/Whitefella - Warumpi Band
13. Let My Children Be - Ruby Hunter
14. My Brown Skin Baby They Take Him Away - Bob Randall
15. Black Boy - Coloured Stone
16. Nothing I Would Rather Be - Jimmy Chi
17. From Little Things Big Things Grow - Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly 
18. Solid Rock - Goanna
19. Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil
20. Yorta Yorta Man - Jimmy Little
21. Are You With Me Out There! - Brotha Black
22. Gathu Mawula Revisited - Gurrumul & Blue King Brown
23. Carl Stewart Band - Journey
24. Michael Charlton - See My Home
25. My Island Home - Christine Anu Version
26. Stranger In My Country - Vic Simms
27. Yil Lul - Joe Geia
28. Blackfellas - Local Knowledge
29. Aboriginal Woman - Mixed Relations
30. Dancing in the Moonlight - Johnny Huckle
31. Brisbane Blacks - Mop & the Dropouts
32. My Blood My People - Patrick Mau
33. Black Baptism - Radical Son
34. Black & Deadly - The Last Kinection
35. Standing Strong - Yung Warriors
36. Changing - Deline Briscoe
37. Nyul Nyul Girl - Dan Sultan
38. Way Home - Merindi Schrieber
39. Loveolution - Green Hand Band
40. Vision - Lajamanu Teenage Band


Thanks to Staci Timma for turning our list into a Spotify Playlist. Not all these tracks are available on Spotify though. C'mon Spotify get your act together! 

Source NITV News

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