One Nation falls flat in Queensland election results


Pauline Hanson's pre-election prediction of One Nation winning 11 seats in Queensland is looking far off the mark.

Pauline Hanson is remaining upbeat despite One Nation failing to make the impact she touted in the Queensland election.

Her party's two biggest names - state leader Steve Dickson and former senator Malcolm Roberts - are set for defeat before half the vote is counted in their seats.

LNP defector Mr Dickson is well behind his former party in the seat of Buderim while Mr Roberts has only 28 per cent of the vote in Ipswich where Labor's sitting MP Jennifer Howard is on track to hold.

Although Mr Dickson virtually conceded defeat at a party function, Senator Hanson was still holding hope of a miraculous turnaround.

"I still have faith in Steve," she said while standing beside him in Buderim.

Senator Hanson also said preferences would flow Mr Roberts' way in Ipswich.

"There's still preferences and a lot of people don't follow the how-to-vote cards," she told reporters. "Where just going to wait and see."

But Mr Roberts conceded defeat shortly after.

The One Nation leader at the start of the four-week campaign tipped repeating the party's efforts in the 1998 election when they won 11 seats.

Tim Nicholls' LNP and One Nation gaffe
Tim Nicholls' LNP and One Nation gaffe

But after two hours of voting they will be hard pressed to win more than a quarter of that, let alone hold the balance of power in parliament.

Maryborough appears the only seat that will go One Nation's way but Senator Hanson also talked up its chances in Callide, Lockyer, Burnett and Hervey Bay.

"I think we're looking good in some of the other seats," she said.

I think we will win some seats, there's no doubt about that.

"It's going to be a long night."

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